Selang Pemadam Rubber OSW

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Selang Pemadam Rubber OSW

Spesification :
Brand : OSW Syntex Unidur
Material : Rubber
Bursting Pressure : 60 Barr (870 PSI)
Working Pressure : 20 Barr ( 290 PSI)
Aplications : Municipal Fire Brigades , Shipboard , Marine and
Offshore Chemical Industry Refineries , Irrigation , Agriculture.
Construction : 100% High tenancity polyester yarn , Cilcular-woven
(Reinforcemen) embedded in a high-quality, Special syntetic rubber .
on the basis of Nitrile /PVC extruded through the polyester weave
Features : Absolute tough , Durable and very abrasion resistanct, Resistant
to oil , Petrol and a wide range of Chemicals, Tempelature range from -40C
up to +100C , Resistance to UV and Ozone , Low elongation and very low
friction loss excellent adhesion bethween rubber and textile no cleaning
or drying requird.

Tersedia Diameter :

1.5″ x 30 m + Coupling
2″ x 30 m + Coupling
2.5″ x 30 m + Coupling

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